Joline Thornton
Louisville, KY

Tile Mop Pad - Large

Item #: 350106
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Our Mop Pads pick up even the tiniest particles and attract dust like a magnet. They are excellent for cleaning linoleum, vinyl, laminate, wood, marble and tile flooring; ceilings; walls and even high windows, all without chemicals.

Tile Mop Pad small:
32 cm x 14 cm / 12.6" x 5.51"

Tile Mop Pad large:
52 cm x 14 cm / 20.47" x 5.51"


You strive to make your home a safe haven for your family and try to avoid tracking in pollution, pesticides, dirt and debris from outside. But even under the best circumstances, the floors of your home can harbor pollutants, chemicals, dust and bacteria.


Rather than coat your floors with even more chemicals, harness the power of static electricity and water to get them completely clean and chemical-free—and keep them cleaner, longer!